President's Voice



Within the fabric of Indian structure, the region based development gives momentum to the growth and provides equality of opportunities to all the member states of the region. This approach reduces the disparities and conflicts among the states in a federal structure. How? We strongly believe that conflicts can be prevented only by missions for development, unambiguous communication of benefits of such missions to stakeholders, and a transparent management structure executing such missions in a timely and effective manner, so that the stakeholders experience the progress continuously. In regional development, best will come out of the region and the state or province will benefit from the best from the region.

When we say a federation of states what does it mean? They should have a shared vision; the shared vision emanates and penetrates from the individual, society, province, region and the nation. In such a federation, I visualize where the individual states produces best of grains and best of fruits and vegetables in a region, other states in another region produces the best of agro – processed food, a state produces best of minerals and processed metal products in the other region, the other states are best in craftsmen products in a region, one state best in hardware, another state is best in software an knowledge products, some states may be best in tourism, group of states are best for pharmacy research, healthcare and bio-products, some states have core competence in aerospace and high-tech products, some states are best for art, apparel, jewellery and fashion products. When you concentrate the development on regional basis based on the regional core competence the overall productivity of the region is leveraged, since there is no sub-optimal performance by any individual states. Overall planning at the central level has to focus on regional development to bring harmony in progressive development of the states.


Prasaad Udandarao

Founder & President

VIDYA Foundations